February 13, 2010

* gifts from my heart *

These packages are so cute!
Although my family will like what's inside more.
I decided this year to buck the trend of traditional Valentine's chocolate.
(Besides the grocery store already had Easter chocolate displayed.)
So, I bought my family their favourite chocolate bars. Yes that's right!

I love to create something out of stuff I already have around my house.

First I wrapped each chocolate bar with plain white printer paper....it was handy.
Then I took a bit of fabric and ripped it into strips to create the ribbon. 
For the  tags I used my Underwood typewriter to type my messages.
 I cut out hearts around the messages and then used a thumb tack to
punch holes so embroidery thread could be strung through them.
I used a small whole punch to create a hole in the top of the heart to string bakers twine through.
Then I tied the fabric ribbon around the white package
and cut tails at the end.  The final touch was adding the heart tag!

* special packages for special people *

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  1. Fun stuff.........you are so talented.M