March 18, 2010

* everything sparkles again *


This is one of my newer illustrations.
It comes from a very difficult time in my childhood.
(hard to imagine when you see all those smiley faces)

It was a gathering of two families who both suffered devastating and life altering blows.
It was the gathering of two sisters with their young children trying to make sense of it all.

Several summers we gathered at the family cottage
where I had 2 mothers and  2 extra siblings.
We became at the time  a family of 7.

It was a mixture of deep sorrow,
trying to cope with the everyday,
love and healing.

Where my mother and Aunt found the strength?
 ... I am not sure.
(us kids certainly didn't make it easy at times)

We were fortunate though as we had the cottage to retreat too and each other. 
We were spear headed by two amazing women that in their darkest days
still allowed us kids to be kids
and to Sparkle!

My deepest gratitude to them both!


  1. How difficult times can either strengthen a family or breaks it! Great mom's, great siblings and great memories!! Thanks for this Stacey.

  2. The strength was in the children.....and those same children as adults continue to show their mothers how amazing they truly are! PattyC

  3. Stacey, this piece is beautiful! I've never seen it before. You've been holding out!!
    Thanks for sharing the emotion behind the art. It makes the piece that much more meaningful.

  4. This piece is beautiful - but you are right it doesn't necessarily SEEM to belong to this story.

    I totally relate though because my art is considered beautiful and I draw beautiful things but I also had a very rough childhood.

    My art professors used to give me a hard time about drawing too many pretty things and I would tell them the I draw how I want the world to be. I draw inspiring work that reminds me what life should be.

    I worked my entire life to break the cycle by looking to my future and envisioning a different life. Now I draw that life - the life I wanted for myself.

    Maybe that is why this image is so different from the story - maybe it is from the mind of a child drawing what they NEED rather than what they HAVE.

    Sorry to get so deep here but this post really moved me.