March 05, 2010

* sunshine *

We have had a beautiful week with the sunshine warming up our world.

For the most part I spent yesterday trying to get my house in order.
As I was picking up the collection of papers on my sideboard, I stumbled across
the snowman and gerber daisies next to each other like it was a new found object.

I paused to admire the contrast. 

I guess this little display amongst a busy household summed up
how much I enjoy the change of seasons and the in between parts too! 

There is so much beauty on this earth if we only take more time to pause.

Children are good at discovering the beauty just steps from where they stand.

I wish to pause more!

1 comment :

  1. Children ARE so good at seeing the little things. I was just telling a friend that I wouldn't appreciate spring as much without the winter.