April 30, 2010

* here he is! *

Jack and Peep are visiting each other after a long time of being apart!
(winter will do that to friendships)
Little Jack is made of paper clay.
A vintage button spruces up his newspaper hat for such a happy affair.
When the sun isn't so bright Jack may remove his hat.
But being that he has no hair it is best he shelter it from the sun.
Peep is also made of paper clay and these friends sit perched on a wooden bench.
They are delighted to be with one another again, and are so busy catching up!
(I would love to know what they are chattering about!)

This little creation (yes even the bench) was all made by me in my little studio.
This piece was inspired by how children can innocently find friends
regardless of how different one might be.



  1. Even cuter than I had imagined ;-)

  2. I has been so interesting to watch this sculpture develop. Thanks for sharing it with us. The boy, the bird and the little newspaper hat are just perfect!


  3. Good to be following you! You know I love your work ... I wish you much luck!