April 23, 2010

* in the eye of the beholder *

I love old things!

 I love to go to antique markets
I love the thrill of the hunt!

However, this book I found around 6 months before I decided to buy it.
The book is "Art Monograms and Lettering" by J.M. Bergling. 
This book was in pretty rough shape and quite a bit of money for something
that I had no definite plan for.  The book is falling apart and is extremely fragile.
But it's beauty is in it's patina, and the marks from the original owner who used it
as it was intended, as a guide to engravers.

I was drawn to it because I was in awe of the artists' work.
Knowing full well that for them to create such beauty that they had to have passion
for what they did.  The monograms, motifs and designs are absolutely exquisite.  

Often people think because I am an artist that I can create anything.
Yes, that could be a possibility.
But, I have discovered that I choose how I create because it truly makes me happy.
It's like enjoying a great book and not wanting to put it down.
Passion drives me to create the way I do and we all create differently.
I am in awe of the many, many artists who create the way they do because
they do it with passion.

May we all have passion for what we do!


  1. It is the passion that drives us!!!! The sadness is when the passion fades. How inspiring to recognize someone else's passion!!pattyc

  2. Oh yum! Love that book!

  3. Wow, GREAT book! I have a tiny collection of old books myself, but none are as awesome as that one. Very cool!

    Glitterbird (Dee)