May 18, 2010

* the possibilities *

It's funny where we find our inspiration and what really makes our hearts go pitter-patter.

We use to tease my grandmother about how she would go into a wool shop or one of her
beloved fabric stores and just buy because she just fell in love with a color or a pattern and had to have it. She had no immediate plans for it but it spoke to her. She had quite a stash of inspiration!

My grandmother has since passed. But, whenever any of the family catches themselves drooling over
a piece of fabric or wool and they have to have it with no real plan we say
"Granny was shopping with us!"
My grandmother was not a frivolous woman but as an artisan she let her heart go pitter-patter.
I don't believe that she carried guilt about it all and if she did you couldn't see it past her wonderful grin.
She was like a kid walking out of a candy store!

I however don't shed that guilt very well. I guess maybe somehow i think my purchase is frivolous
and how could I buy something with no plan. I am a planner and try to be practical.
This at times can be very limiting to an artist.

The other day however, I was on a mission to buy sheets at a store that was going out of business.
 I had no plans to spend the time I did in the store, after all I had other things to do.
But, as I was going up and down the isles of the paper goods I spotted this lovely set of pencil crayons.
Yes, my heart went pitter-patter ...
I did however for a moment wonder if they would be suitable for my artwork. They were Prismacolor but I was unaware of what the "Scholar" branding meant. The practical part of me thought the kids could always use them and well at that price I could not leave them there. When I got home I opened up the box to find a wonderful array of eye candy. Sixty pieces of eye candy that had already been sharpened!
I was dazzled and immediately did some testing. I found out quickly that these were just slightly harder
than the ones I buy at the art supply store. I was also pleasantly surprised that there were colors that I did not already have.  Oh my heart went pitter-patter again and I immediately sat down to play.
Again, my heart went pitter-patter as I looked over the sheet of paper and all my scribbles.
(Sorry, kids you are not getting these!)

This box of colors opens up numerous possibilities!
(The only sad part is that you can not buy the pencils individually.)
But, my heart goes pitter-patter and although I have no illustrations at hand that requires some of these colors I am truly excited by what I may create with them and how they will inspire my up coming pieces.

Maybe it's letting oneself feel the excitement of the possibilities instead of thinking so much.
I think my grandmother knew this.
She let her heart take over and believed in the possibilities that she would create.

Believe in your pitter-patter!


  1. Granny would be delighted with the memories she created! One of her gifts!! Yes,we must always believe and make sure we listen to the pitter-patter. PattyC

  2. You are always so thoughtful Stacey! What a lovely sentiment.