May 07, 2010

* happy mother's day! *

This is a rare photo and one of my favourites!

This is the only photo in the family collection
of my Granny as a young mother and my mom as a little girl.

It is so special to me that I have included it on my inspiration board in my studio.

These two women over the years have taught me many things
and have given me so many treasured memories.
But mostly they have given me and each other their love.

I have been very blessed to of had them both guide me
through my life and my own motherhood.
As I travel down this path with my children
I have such a greater understanding of how
deep a mother's love is,
but also how deep a child's love is for their


  1. Hi Stacey!

    Aww, your mom is just darling here! So sweet. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Delightful! Sooooo touching, I saw this posting earlier but found it difficult to comment on. Thank you.....I have been so fortunate to have been blessed as a daughter and a mother.xxoo