July 31, 2010

A Happy Place!

Every summer we are fortunate to spend time at my childhood cottage
deep in the bush of Northern Ontario.
It is our escape!

We do travel a very long way to get there and packing both warm clothes and cool ones are a must, as you never know what kind of weather you might end up with. There is no T.V., internet or phone and if you consider standing on the edge of the dock with your body facing a certain direction and talking as fast as you can in fear that the line will be dropped -  cell service... then I guess we have that! 
My parents have worked very, very hard to maintain their beautiful little cottage.
Over the years we have been the main course for many
black flies, mosquitos and deer flies.
(they especially love my husband)

"Why?" you ask.

It is for the chance to quietly live and experience such a place with each other.
To get a glimpse of a black bear or a woodpecker. To see the lake when it is calm or when the waves crash against the beach. To spend time collecting rocks or canoeing along it's shores.
To splash and swim in it's pristine cool waters. To have the sunlight gently wake you and the moon highlight the water on a warm summer evening. Oh and the stars on a clear night it is quite the sight, one you can never experience in the city. To see the beauty all around and to drink it all in.
To really recharge our batteries and to really remind ourselves what is truly important.

I have many memories on this lake with my parents, grandparents, cousins and many friends and now that list includes my husband and children. It is within this time in such a spot that we spend time together doing things that we don't normally get to do in our everyday lives. We are together!
It is truly my happy place!

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  1. That does look like a happy place! These photos are so amazing. I am not sure how you could stand to leave.

    We will be glad to have you back though around here! See you soon!