August 05, 2010

It's a good day!

I thought I would give you a glimpse of our little place on a northern ontario lake.
This is not the cottage but the little bunkie that my family stays in while there.
It is lovingly called "the kids cottage" as it served just that purpose while I was growing up.
The quarters are tight but let me tell you there is nothing like sleeping in a screened porch
and waking up to the sunshine and this amazing and one-of-a-kind view.

I absolutely love this view!

So does Bailey!

The rustic beginnings of a place that has become a gathering place for our family!

My children love spending their summers here surrounded by all the family
and the wonderment of the lake!

Taking the time to appreciate the small things!

Enjoying it all together!

This says it all!

Thank you to all my family for such a wonderful time at the lake this year! I am so grateful!


  1. Yes it was the bestest!!!! Memories are ours to hold forever, as time slips by! Can hardly wait for the next time. Love ya PattyC

  2. Oh your cottage looks like heaven! Thank you for sharing your photos with us and giving us a glimpse into your quiet place.
    Your dog, Bailey, is beautiful and the view is wonderful. My daughter used to find all of life's simple wonders when we'd "go up north," too ... frogs, minnows, bugs, sand, sand, sand, leeches (yuck) and of course sticks and stones. Sue

  3. Sue!
    Well, it is our slice of heaven. My children have collected all sorts of creepy crawlers along the way and we have a collection of rocks and driftwood we dragged back to the city with us. I have some rocks my boys collected for me when their fingers where tiny and those sit on my studio desk. Such wonderful gifts and a place that has given me so much, probably in ways I don't quite comprehend. I am very grateful for our time there.

  4. Oh My what a beautiful place to be thanks for sharing. I so love your photos!!! How precious the memories your children will have to share with their children.

  5. Lyn!
    Glad you enjoyed the photos! Oh yes! My children are just as fortunate as I am. So grateful!

  6. That is so amazing. I seriously dont know how you can force yourself to come home! I love it!