November 15, 2010

field trip!

I was lucky enough to spend some time recently with my mother.
(Distance separates us.)
It was a wonderful opportunity together enjoying
some interests that we have not had the chance to indulge in for some time.

We stumbled across these sweet vintage children's clothes
and we were taken with every detail.
Their tiny little buttons, embroidery, stitches, lace
and after all this time how beautiful the fabric was.
We gushed over it all!

It was inspiring and even more so that I was able to share it with my mom.


  1. It was the pictures! You should have bought the boy's shirt for the glass buttons!! You were right, how could one cut them off the adorable top? I can only imagine the time and love spent creating these garments for someone you love. PattyC

  2. I think I would love to photograph in this shop ... looks wonderful.

  3. lovely photos! you really are a wonderful artist