November 05, 2010

a moment to remember

This is a portrait of my great Uncle Ray!
He was my Grandmother's beloved brother.

I never knew him, but I played under this very portrait as a child.
It hung with all the other family photos in my grandmother's house, 
but it had many poppy's tucked in it's frame.
We had many family gatherings under this portrait.

I didn't ask my grandmother very much about him, I sure wish I had.
But, our family, even my generation grew up with a deep sense of what
my grandmother's family had lost and what my Uncle gave up for all of us.
I can't imagine my great grandmother
in the rural north waiting for word about here sons.
(As she had 2 sons enlisted.) 
I can't imagine it as a mother myself.

We are truly fortunate in this country to live free.
I am so grateful to many men and woman who fought and who are fighting
 so we may continue our way of life.
I am especially grateful of course to my great
Uncle Ray who lost his life and Uncle Dave who served and came home safely,
and for my grandmother for not letting us forget! 

Lest we Forget

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