January 18, 2011

a moment of inspiration!

I have been very busy in the studio lately ... organizing, ordering supplies, filling orders and creating!
(I have certainly neglected my blog, facebook & twitter. Sorry!)
I have wondered where the time has gone.
January is a month that brings a certain quiet that I look forward to after the holidays. But, it seems this January has not unfolded in such a way.

A few days ago I was busy working away in the studio as well as juggling the household chores and feeling scattered !
One of my sons came in from outside and asked me to join him to see how beautiful the sky looked.
I was in the middle of everything and it was cold out there, but I decided that I couldn't turn him down.
I quickly grabbed my camera and put on my coat and boots.
I found him standing at the end of the driveway just waiting and smiling!
This is what he had to show me!

He was right! The sky was so beautiful! We even saw the moon!
It was only a few moments, but he had no idea how much that meant to me! How much I needed that and how incredibly proud I was that he appreciates the beauty that nature brings us.

The next morning, I was able to show him this...

I discovered this gorgeous sunrise when I raised the blind in my bedroom!
I immediately showed this to him & grabbed my camera!

Thank you!


  1. A wonderful moment you'll always remember! How divine and it didn't include the TV, etc! I salute you!

  2. Moments to hold & tuck in to our memory! Inspiring to know our future really appreciates our world. PattyC xxoo