March 07, 2011

waiting for spring

After loosing most of our snow on Saturday
with lots and lots of rain
we woke up Sunday morning to this! 

In the quiet of the morning, sipping my cup of coffee
I relished in the beauty this snowy blanket gave to our backyard.
I am a Canadian girl who truly loves her seasons! But at this point in the winter
I am like so many others who are ready to shed heavy winter jackets and boots.
To just be a little lighter!

Bailey certainly prefers winter. Who could blame her as she can't shed her coat!
(but she does shed!)

Today was a new day. It is cold with still plenty of snow on the ground.
But the sun is shining
and this little fellow was singing from the top of our birch tree this morning.
(he was there for a good 10 minutes)

He gave me hope that spring will be here soon
he made me smile!


  1. Wonderful post, lovely pictures and yes, spring can't come soon enough! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stacey, Thanks so much for these photos! I especially enjoyed the cardinal - there are none of these lovely birds in Seattle. And not much snow here either, it sure is lovely. Best, Sharon

  3. A very lovely post, Stacey! I totally enjoyed this. Thanks!