April 15, 2011


after spending so much time in front of the computer with my online courses
and then spending what little time i have left creating in clay, 
i found that i was yearning for some time to draw.

instead of taking on a full illustration,
i decided that doodling is what i needed and since i already had some paper stretched
i decided to doodle in colour.

doodling can be so much fun!

no expectations!


  1. Stacey, love your drawings. Today I received a gift from a friend that lives at Toronto. She gave me Art Doll´s magazine, and I saw your pretty Jack (and Peep!!). They are amazing!! Warm hugs from Brazil, Chris

  2. what a wonderful friend to send you this beautiful magazine!
    thank you for your kind words and i am so glad that you enjoyed Jack & Peep and have found my blog!