May 24, 2011


over the years we have had several robins nest in our mulberry tree that resides in our front yard. unfortunately, none of the babies have survived. each year we anxiously watch them and cross our fingers.

this year our spring has brought another couple to our tree trying to raise their little family. the trees have bloomed late leaving this pair and their 3 babies in plain view. 

while gardening this weekend I was watching as these little ones were being fed constantly. i had to creep under the branches of the tree to snap photos. i waited to try and snap a photo of these hungry creatures being fed. it is quite a site. i was unsuccessful but I managed to capture the following photo.

we feel very privileged to be able to watch this family up close. they are under our watchful eye and we pray that this year we will be able to see them continue to grow and finally take flight!

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