August 15, 2011

studio *B*

this little spot is lovingly called "studio b".
it sounds grand, i am sure,
but this is only because i have outgrown my tiny studio in our little house. 
out of necessity i have migrated into other parts of our home. 
studio b is where i illustrate and sculpt.
i have a wonderful view of our backyard,
which is a beautiful place to be during any season.
i spent the last few weeks here illustrating my much anticipated 2011 Christmas ornaments.

so, here is a sneak peak at some of the colors and vintage embellishments i found.
(you didn't really think I would show you the illustrations ... those are for another time, i promise.)


  1. Nice location! Xxoo

  2. I love your Studio B... great name for it! I have one of those myself but it does not have such a great view! I'm excited to see your illustrations seeing as those embellishments look so pretty!