September 15, 2011

little update!

It's coming, I can feel it in the air and I am starting to see the changes.

Fall, one of my most favorite times of the year.
(Well, truth be told I am a girl who loves all her seasons!)

I felt fall coming at the end of August.
The days got shorter, the nights got cooler and the mornings had a chill about them.
(This meant giving up my morning cup of coffee on the deck.
It is just a wonderful way to start the day and I loved that part of summer!) 

While mother nature was in the process of changing our surroundings,
I was busy illustrating, baking, back to school shopping and putting away some of the things
around the house that just seem to accumulate during the summer months.

Like most people I was not quite ready for summer to end.
(Although my family was definitely ready for some sort of a routine - funny how that happens.)

So, I said my farewell to a wonderful summer,
braced myself for the kids upcoming school year,
and started to embrace this season.
(It  is always an adjustment for me to have my children
away from home for most of the day - even at their ages.)

As well as getting my family ready for the return of routine and school, 
I have been busy in the studio getting ready for the release of my new collection.
I have also been under a renovation of sorts or maybe it's a facelift. 
Studio "A", (for lack of a better name) which is mostly my technical and production area
has been shared with my
family forever
now it has become
all mine.
Hee! Hee! (evil laugh

I am still shuffling things around, but for the most part I am settled in.
I am hoping this explains my absence from my blog lately
and I look forward to sharing with you some of the new pieces I have created in the very near future. 


  1. Wonderful profile! Miss you all! PattyC xxoo

  2. Thank you!
    Wish you were here as well! xoxxoo