October 26, 2011

part of the path i am on

"I’m not talking about the hermit-like lifestyle I lead all day, every day, in order to get work done.
I’m talking about the absence of true connection with other people
who don’t pursue goals in the same manner."

i am in the process of writing a blog post based on my experiences
over the past few months with this creative life i lead.

this morning as i was catching up on emails and the blogs that i follow.
i came across today's post on Jessica Doyle's blog that spoke volumes to me.
this post has a common thread to the post i have been working on
and it gives insight to what our creative lives can be like.

Jessica is a fellow canadian artist who creates the most wonderful illustrations.
I follow her blog to see what she is creating but also because she has some of the
most thoughtful and well written posts.
In my rush to read her post this morning I passed over a very important piece of information...
she had a contributing guest artist today on her blog,  Shayla Maddox.

Shayla's post is very reflective of the creative life
and since she says it all so well, I thought I would share it.

please enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much for the link to the blog post. Best wishes to you!

  2. Hi Stacy,
    Well this is strange timing as I read this , I can completely relate and feel this a lot.

  3. I know many artists that are feeling the same! It is wonderful to know that we can share this so as not to think we are always alone!

  4. Hi Stacey

    Loved reading your blog, Thank you for the kind words and mentioning Nick & I in your article. It was a thrill to be in Art Doll Quarterly with you. Go figure...who would have guessed. Best of luck this Christmas Season. Your pieces are beautiful as always.