November 24, 2011

it's all in the detail

i spent some time at the local antique market and
i waited patiently to come across my absolute favorite booth. 
i spend a great deal of time in this booth every time I visit.
the owner has an incredible eye for all things pretty and
she always has wonderful and unique goodies.
goodies like the book i purchased so long ago for no apparent reason.

this little booth always has some wonderful vintage clothing.
the children's clothing is always so special.

i was not disappointed and I was truly enamored with this little dress. 
i loved every bit of it's detail, right down to the tiny hand stitches.
i was wishing my mother was with me. i know she would of loved to
see and touch this wonderful piece.
it really is a piece of art.

I love these tiny pleats, 

the gathers and

the bottom of this dress is so it!

if i havn't told you it is because of my mother
that i can appreciate such things.
i was a very lucky girl as she made all my dresses and
yes even my wedding dress.

when my sister and I were girls she would make our Christmas dresses.
we felt so special all dressed up in her wonderful creations.

when we got older we would show our mother pictures out of magazines.
 sometimes it would be the skirt on one page and a sleeve on another.
we would then go shopping with her for fabric and then she would work her magic.
again we would feel so pretty in our dresses.

when it came time to shop for the fabric for my wedding dress. my mom and i shopped in 
Toronto's fashion district. (it was convenient since i was living in the area at the time.) 
my mom would touch the fabric, the lace, the beads and even the buttons
with such admiration for their unique and special beauty.
we would be constantly saying "come look at this ... isn't it gorgeous ... can you imagine?"
our last trip to this very booth in the antique market we were doing just that. 
it is always wonderful when you can share that with someone.

thanks mom for making us feel so special,
 but mostly for teaching us to admire the beauty.


  1. Absolutely it ........can you imagine the skill, patience, love, hopes and dreams that went into this creation. Thank you. PattyC xxoo

  2. isn't it the most gorgeous little dress?
    i am so glad i had my camera with me and got to share!

  3. That is so true and that dress is so beautiful Stacey! You are just the sweetest!

    I stopped by to let you know that I finally got a Blogger follow button for my Wordpress blog if you are still interested in following me over there.

    Hope you and your family are having a lovely holiday season!!!

  4. Thank-you for the beautiful share..beautiful little dress. As a young girl spending much of my childhood at your home your words bring back so many memories of your mother...and her true appreciation of beauty.