November 11, 2011


If we are lucky Remembrance Day falls on a weekend
where as a family we can attend the Remembrance Day service together.
Unfortunately, this year that is not the case. 

on November 5th my little family and I participated in a
Remembrance Day Run/Walk. 
The morning was cool but the sun was shining 
and the leaves were falling so gracefully from the trees.
It was truly breathtaking as we waited for everything to begin.

Before we parted, a few words were said
and then the bag pipes rang out.
I got goosebumps as they played "Amazing Grace"
It was an incredible moment standing there with my family
blanketed in the sunshine
and more importantly with our freedom.

We were walking or running in the memory of my great uncles,
 Jack, David and Ray Watson.

Ray never returned home.

After we crossed the finish line we gathered to wait for the soldiers who were also participate in this run.
They ran 8 km in full gear carrying their packs.
It was a reminder of the strength, determination, and endurance that our soldiers have.
But, mostly it was a reminder of how important events like this one and
Remembrance Day services are to them.
It is not only a time to remember the fallen soldiers but, the living as well.
That everyday they are doing their best to keep us safe
and living in a peaceful world. 

I am extremely grateful.

Lest we Forget

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