December 08, 2011

Tis the Season!

i have not been on my blog lately,
nor have i had a chance to visit many of my favorite blogs either.
there has been a silence between myself and my fellow artists.
this is a busy time of year for us.

my family life has also become busy.
we have trimmed the tree that took about 5 days to complete. 
(it just was one of those years.)
the tree has finally received the family's attention and it looks beautiful.
i have even baked and exchanged cookies with my friends and
we have enjoyed our first Christmas party.
it is my gift list that now needs my definite attention.

i thought i would give you a glimpse of my studio desk today
as I complete the final sculptures for the Christmas season.
it has been wonderful to walk in to the studio and see all these joyful faces staring at me.

it will be my pleasure to send them along to their new homes so they may create smiles there.


  1. Hi Stacey, I was thinking the same thing! With the business of the season I haven't visited many blogs lately or updated mine. It's interesting seeing your sculptures, too bad you don't live up in Huntsville, I'm now on the programming committee for The Huntsville Art Society and it would be so cool to have you do a workshop for kids(or adults for that matter) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Love the work in progress photos!!!