February 07, 2012

first there were whispers...

whispers that told me that there was more.

you know, tiny things that are hints
- hints that you either dismiss,
that go unnoticed
or that you pay attention to.

i chose to listen and pay attention.

it was during the most busiest times of the year for me both personally and in the studio
that i decided to take and e-course. i was first introduced to textile design during my
university days and when i graduated i thought that would be something i would like to pursue.

but, life had a different path for me to take.

most recently, i have longed to infuse pattern into my work and i knew
i was in need of a jump start.
so, when i stumbled and i mean stumbled across the e-course
Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls, i quickly jumped aboard.
i was so excited by the opportunity
and so this whisper became my reality.

photo courtesy of Patricia Cameron

however, during this time there where other whispers going on.
whispers of not having a direction, of being kind-of-stuck and
some sense of feeling lost at what i should do next.

once the Christmas season had all quieted down i began
to formulate a plan, a direction, and i set major goals.
this always tends to fill me with empowerment.

i knew that come january i would be taking part two of 
it felt so good to be learning and i was so inspired.

but, what i didn't know was that i would be presented with an opportunity
that would help me with the direction i so craved.
it came in the form of a general email from "Do What You Love"

it was titled "on the eve of something special..."

sometimes when you least expect it - something shows up at just the right moment.

i knew after reading the details that i had to be a part of this.
so, two days before the class started i signed up for the e-course
mixed media artist Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls.

again, the whispers became my reality.

so, if you have been wondering what i have been up to? 

i am doing a kind of juggling act. i have been buried under a pile of papers
- learning, writing, listening, sketching and dreaming.
it has been a barrage of feelings from exhilaration and delight to
feelings of self-doubt and being overwhelmed. 
the course has made me dig deep and ask the big question


why do we do what we do? in my case, why do i create what i create?
-because i am passionate about it.

"Why am i passionate?"

i am still working on that answer. i have always had some sense of why i create
but i have been asked to formulate it into words.
little by little as i unearth this answer deep with in me it is becoming clear.
i have been exhausted by this thought provoking process.
but, there are "whispers" that tell me
to keep going, to dig deeper and that this is all good.

-that i am right where i am supposed to be.

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  1. I'm so glad that your whispers are leading you where you need to go. Keep listening to those small, quiet whispers--they are the stuff of heaven.

    Heaps of Hugs,