March 09, 2012

on the road!

Jack and Peep are traveling!
(although not too far) 
They and a couple of my illustrations are part of an art exhibit.

It all began late last fall when I was invited to submit my art for a local book
called Talent Next Door. Craig Musselman was creating a catalogue
of sorts to show case many local artists.

I have been rather quiet about my artwork in my community and
I had decided that it was about time to introduced it. So I submitted my pieces.
Much to my delight and surprise my pieces were chosen by the independent judges
as part of their top 5 favorite pieces.
I was incredibly honored given the marvelous talent that I share this book with.
(Besides having my own page, Jack and Peep even made the back cover because of this honor.)

So, to celebrate the book Talent Next Door and to give the community a chance to see
many amazing pieces featured in this wonderful book,
there is a month long gallery show at Silicon W.
If you are in the area you must stop by and
see all the extraordinary talent
that is right here in our community.
Thank you Craig and Cherie
for creating such a wonderful opportunity.


  1. congratulations on being published! jack and peep are adorable.

    1. Thank you so much Donna! It is very exciting,
      but I can't wait to pick up Jack & Peep ... i have missed their presence!
      They bring with them such joy!

  2. That looks like a great book, congratulations! I think I recognize on of the paintings of Cambridge, could it be Alex Krejewski?He used to live behind our laneway in Cambridge. As a former resident could i get in the book?:) Great to get your artwork known in the community!

    1. You are right that is Alex's work. Such incredible talent. I can't believe you lived so close to him.
      Oh and you can always try to get into the book. That would be wonderful!