March 21, 2012

a week like no other!

last week was march break here.
It was a wonderful week full of family, friends,
good food, amazing weather and
wonderful memories.
To say the least we were very busy!

one of my biggest challenges with working from home is
the blurred boundaries between my family life and my business. 
(both so important to me and both always tugging at my heart.)

this week was no exception, especially with a house full.
much to my surprise I was able to include a lot of what I enjoy doing in this week.

i finally had a chance to work on final illustrations.
that made my little soul sing with happiness.
(more on that later)

i spent time with friends and family.
(including this hockey game on the lake)

i baked for my sons! they love to eat it and i love, love to bake for them.
(this is bubble bread one of their absolute favorites)

i spent time in nature.
(always a wonderful way to recharge my batteries,
especially when it is with my family)

we even got to see many, many deer.
(so wonderful to have the chance to see this graceful animal up close)

and then of course there is my girl ... 

she just loves the freedom of country life! 

At the end of the week I had oodles of laundry, a tired family
and many hours of catching up in the studio.

But, I was happy and so thankful for such a meaningful week.


  1. Looks like a great break and that bubble bread looks delicious! Was this up in Muskoka? The weather was so nice for the break!

  2. Yes Catherine we were in your neck of the woods. It was a quick but wonderful time and your right the weather was incredible.
    The bubble bread is super easy and so yummy!

  3. Ok, you take some amazing photos! That deer....awesome.

    1. Thank you Paula! I love taking photos too!
      I took that photo when we were at my brother's place ... luckily he has these huge windows in his house otherwise I would of never got a shot like this. Deer are so easily scared. I loved being able to see them like this! They are so gracious!