April 02, 2012

Decorating for Easter

sometimes in life we have to live moments a certain way to learn
that we don't want to live that way anymore.
i did just that.

around Halloween of last year i had lost a piece of me.

the piece that loves to embrace the seasons and holidays by decorating.
at the time there was plenty of reason why I had let that go
but what it boiled down to was i saw something that i once loved to do
become a chore.

so, for the very first time in many, many years on Halloween night
my house was ordinary as we welcomed trick or treaters.

i must of carried this little cloud with me through to Christmas
because when i think back ...
why would it take me 5 days to string the lights on the tree?

what i learned is
i missed out! 

i missed out on the little things that make me happy.

i have since decided
that i have to make those little things important once again.
to make them count!

they allow me to be creative in other ways.
but, mostly because they make the ordinary become happier.

plain and simple it makes me smile
and smiling is so important.

so, I have spent a bit of time sprinkling Easter throughout our home
and a funny thing happened the other day.

an idea took hold of me
that I couldn't let go of.

maybe a silly idea to some
and if I really wanted to be practical
i didn't have the time.

but i allowed myself in this moment to lead with my heart instead of my head.

i found myself making the sweetest Easter bunny ear hats
out of scrapes of fabric and felt.
i had the most fun making them
and they are so darn cute.
i even learned a few key things that i will take with me when creating my artwork.
(that was the added bonus!)

i don't regret it and
they are still making me smile!

please visit me on Friday for my Easter Wishes
and a look to see who these sweet hats are for.

i know they will make you smile too!


  1. I just love them!! Hank

    1. thank you so much.... can't wait to show you who they are for!

  2. Very cute dear cousin........I loved the lead in.....very nice!!!!


  3. Stacey, I came here from Purple Onion Designs blog. Can't wait to see the stamp designs! Your post touched me, as I feel I could have written it myself. I have had a lot of joy in decorating for each holiday and collecting special trinkets for each holiday over the years. Then a year ago Christmas, I decided to skip Christmas. No tree, no gifts, etc. I lost a big part of me too.

    1. Denise, It is wonderful that you travelled over from Purple Onion to see who the artist is behind the stamps. I can't tell you how incredible it is when someone shares with me how something I have written or created has touched them. It is always wonderful when we find out we are not alone, not that we wish others to feel bad but it helps us discover that we all are human. It also helps us work through these feelings. Just know that you are not alone. It is a terrible place when we loose touch of a part of ourselves. I have lost that part of myself while I was immersed in my studio and family life and feeling like I need to be productive all the time. I have learnt this year from a wonderful speaker that our lives have seasons. I thought it was the most beautiful thought and I hold onto that and try to embrace it. You will find that spirit again that you once had. Give it time and space and maybe it comes in small steps like how the bunny hat took hold of me. Had I not ran with it ... it might of not ever emerged and I can tell you it has exploded into feeling excited once again about some of the things I let go of. It will come be kind and gentle to yourself.