April 06, 2012

happy easter! and my bunny hats!

i hope that you are all ready for this special holiday.

i still have a few more things to do before we celebrate.

this is an extra special weekend for us
as one of our son's celebrates his birthday.

i sound like a broken record ...



time sure flies!

i will have the pleasure of making his birthday cake.
his absolute favorite and his usual request.
pumpkin cake with vanilla icing.
a truly yummy recipe given to me by my sweet godmother.

i have also promised to show you
the owners of those darling easter ear hats i made.

i would love to know what you think.

these little nestlings are usually perched
on my window sill.

they greet me everyday,
and now with their little easter hats
they are dressed for this special occasion.

wishing you a very
wonderful Easter
that is filled with abundance.
(and a bit of chocolate too!)


  1. Just adorable!! I love them! xxoo

  2. Oh these are so, so cute! I'm glad to hear you got back your desire to decorate for the hols as these little chirps look fabulous as bunnies! And certainly made me smile :) Happy Easter!!!

    1. Sarah! thank you! I am also glad to be back with this part of my life. I forgot how much I missed it. I am so glad I was able to bring a smile to your day! that makes me very happy! Happy Easter to you as well.

  3. So cute Stacey! I especially love the bunny hat on the first bird with it's wings spread.

    Happy Easter!

    1. thanks Michele! it is always sweet to hear favorites! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

  4. darling little bunny hats! happy easter!

    1. awe thank you donna! happy, happy easter to you as well.

  5. Ok, i am back ang these are the sweet little birds I spied this afternnoon. Did you make these birds? The Bunny ears are the most cutest lil things. How on earth could you not have a great day when these are looking at you.

    1. Thank you so much! I love these little birds too! Yes I made the birds and their little bunny hats too! Although they are not in my shop at the moment I have had many requests for them. These little nestlings make me smile everyday!

  6. Oh wow stacey these are just so cute.

    1. thank you Julie ... i still can't seem to take off the hats even though Easter is over!