April 12, 2012

lightening up and new collection!


hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
(sorry, i know it's closer to the end of this week
but there has been lots going on and lots to tell you)

our Easter weekend was very different...

you know when life brings little changes that
kind of messes with what you have been so comfortable with.

like my boy turning seventeen.
(i remember being that age)

but it is so different when you are the parent.

you think of how fast the time has gone
and you also think of how much time
you will have left with them
living at home with you.
(that part really scares me)


we celebrated Easter like most houses with teenagers...
we waited for them to wake up!

a very quiet morning.

we even have a resident bunny in our backyard.
(a little Easter blessing!)


i have also been experiencing a bit of an artist slump
or block for the last couple of weeks.

somehow any of my sketches lack any luster
between the stages of rough sketch (where i fall in love)
and final sketch (where i fall out of love).

so, i have tried to do other things that make me happy
and just help me lighten up.

one of those things that i have not taken much
interest in for sometime is my love for my home.
(oh don't get me wrong i am still the tidy freak that i am.)

but i think when i embraced decorating for Easter
i sparked that part of me.
 i have embarked on painting some rooms in my home.
(crazy i know!)

i started with our dining room.

i removed everything from the room but the dining room chairs and the table.
i needed to get a fresh perspective on the room.

i was ready for a change and
if that meant repurposing
furniture and artwork so be it.
(i am still deciding what stays and goes.)

i have found my house dark the last few years
even on sunny days with it's dark taupe walls.
(but maybe that is due to my aging eyesight!)

i wanted light and bright.

but, i do have a dilemma.

this cupboard came out of my husband's parents old house.
(i love this piece!)

the finish is original and has seen better days
and the inside is untreated cedar. 
(it is lovely and the inside will stay 'as is' no matter what)

this corner cabinet sits between two doorways.
but, i am torn whether to give it an aged paint technique or not?
(my husband feels we should paint it)

can you believe i am the one sitting on the fence,
even though i love painted furniture?

i would appreciate your thoughts
to help me decide.


back in the studio....

i have been casually sketching what ever pops
into my head (even snowmen)
and my mind is brewing with ideas.

i find i am getting anxious to illustrate a finished piece and
 to sculpt again.
painting the dining room has also sparked
thoughts of a new sculptor for that room.
something large scale to give
the room some extra charm.


one more thing!
it is most exciting.
i have embarked on a new endeavor.
i have designed a collection of stamps!

my samples just
arrived the other day.

this is just a sneak peak.

i have yet to spend some time playing and creating with them.
(something very new for me)

they will be available
soon through

but in the meantime you may visit their
to see what the designers
have been creating with
my stamps.



  1. Stacey, I am so honored to be one of the guest designers featuring your new line of stamps, they are beyond adorable!!! Thanks you so much for sharing your talent with the crafting world, we're so happy!

    1. Thank you Dorcas! It has truly been a pleasure to design these stamps and so wonderful to see the talented designers such as yourself create with them.

  2. Hi Stacey!! I am a guest designer who gets to work with your stamps and I fell in LOVE with them at first glance. OMG, I can not wait to share what I have done on my blog and Michele has just given us your blog link...I am in love again. I spied a few creations and will need to dig further into this later on this evening. {aka after work.}
    Have you touched that cabinet yet...I think it looks stunning in that photo and I could not imagine a paint treatment on it. Have you decided?? :) Hehe, after coloring stamped images...HGTV/home DIY/decor is my favorite things to play around with.

    1. Awe Paula you are so sweet! Enjoy taking a look at my work later and it is always wonderful to hear feedback if you get a moment. I feel very fortunate that Michele has found so much talent to create such amazing cards. So, thank you!
      As for the cabinet it is still sitting in it's original condition. I am living with it for the time being and I have a few ideas to lightening it up (lol) besides paint. I too love home decor it is so much fun to create in another way.

  3. Hi Stacey, I sent you a message on FB because while on your Etsy site, I see you live right where I am headed to the weekend. Do you ever head over to scrapfest in Kitchener??

  4. Well Stacey I am one of Michele's Designers and I just wanted to pop in here and tell you how thrilled I am that you and Michele have embarked on a great adventure, your drawings are just AMAZING! and have enjoyed thoroughly working with the new stamps they are just so adorable...I look forward to sharing what I have created with them on my blog this weekend..I cannot wait to see more new stamps created with your fabulous images...hugs!!

    1. Hello Joy! You ladies on the stamping design team have been so incredibly sweet and I feel very welcomed. Thank you!
      This is a new adventure for me for sure and Michele is an amazing lady who has been so wonderful to work with.
      I am so glad you have enjoyed working with the stamps and creating. I can't wait to see what everyone has created too.
      P.s. thank you so much for the kind words about my illustrations!

  5. Hiya! Well, I followed the sweet bloggy hop showing the adorable Rosie stamp and I had to come see what else you are up to! I am so glad I did. Your talent is amazing... you have a new fan. Thanks for sharing your awesomess with the rest of us! :)

    Annie Rose

    1. Thank you Annie for such sweet words about my pieces. I am so glad you have decided to join me on this creative journey of mine. It is wonderful people like yourself that make this journey an incredible one.

  6. found you through Purple Onion and Kathy's blog--you're one talented lady! My daughter is a senior and we're gearing up for graduation. Maybe you could add some sweet animals with grad caps or other hats that you can interchange in your next stamps...I'm having a hard time finding good grad stamps for invites. I went with just a cap, thinking of embossing it gold/silver. Just an idea!! Enjoy your son--senior year flies by!

    1. charli! thanks for visiting my blog,for your sweet words and your suggestion. ideas are always welcome, truly!
      i have found the years have flown bye so fast already and i can't imagine graduation just yet or maybe i am ignoring that thought for now. enjoy your daughters graduation it will be a day to remember!

  7. Hi Stacey, I came here through your blog link given by Michele from Purple Onion Designs. I fell in love with Rosie :) So I thought I take a look at the blog of her creator. I've seen here things I like. So I became a follower then I can't miss anything.

    1. Hello Yvette and welcome to my world so sweet to join me on this creative journey!