April 14, 2012

The Sweetest Day with Freckles and Tucker!

today I would like to introduce you to a few more stamps
from my new stamp collection,
"The Sweetest Day!"

here is the "toadstool" giving "Tucker" a bit of shade
on such a sunshiny day!
oh and that is "flutter" in flight.

i would also like to introduce you to "freckles"
who is "tucker's" closest pal.

there are still a few more stamps i need to introduce you to.
(so please stop by tomorrow)

I also wanted to remind you that you
will be able to purchase this new collection
on Tuesday April the 17th

oh and you must have a look at what the design team
has created with these stamps.
you will find plenty of inspirations at

Both Purple Onion Designs and the
design team are not only featuring amazing cards
on their blogs but they are including some wonderful

Here is the links to the design team featured today on

be sure to visit their blogs 
for a chance to


  1. so, so cute! Love the snail especially :)

  2. thanks sarah! they are sweet pals together!

  3. Replies
    1. so glad you like them and thanks for stopping by to let me know! i appreciate it!

  4. Such sweet images you have created! They are definitely going to have to come live at my house!

    1. oh Sally that would make me so happy to have them live at someone's house that appreciates my art! thank you!

  5. What cute stamps... they are so cute and would make anyone smile if they saw it on a card or scrapbook page.

    1. Mary-Anne thank you! I love to create smiles with my artwork!

  6. oh my heavens.. I am in love with this new line.. I can't wait to have them..hugs

  7. I just love these new stamps and am having so much fun playing with them.

  8. Stacy, your new design line in Purple Onion is so adorable that I can't wait until Tuesday to shop and order your stamps, congratulation on your expansion in your talent of arts. It is going to be huge huge demands of your designer stamps. Wow, I am sure it is going to be huge.

    1. Edna, i can't say it enough how it warms my heart when someone takes the time to leave a note for me about my work. thank you so much and i wish you many hours of joyful creating with my collection.

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  10. Wow, all of your images are so incredibly sweet!