April 20, 2012

Today is Your Day!

i like all kinds of music.
that is something i wouldn't particularly admit to when i was younger.

i once heard an interview with Shania Twain where she explained
how she liked all kinds of music because where she grew up
the radio station played anything from hard rock to country. 

that was a huge eye opener for me
because i never quiet understood
why i seemed to like so many different kinds of music.
(i thought i was just weird!)

at home my mother listened to many types of music,
some are still of my favorites.
(these melodies have a wonderful way of sparking a memory.)

my mother has always seemed to pay attention to the lyrics
or the story behind all the melody... the written word.
(she has taught me this wether she realizes it or not)

i have discovered over the years
that my favorite kind of music is
a song that has incredible lyrics, that tells a story
and speaks to my soul.

this happened just the other day.
(while on the phone to my mother of course!)

i had asked her if she heard of Shania's newly released song?
my mother had heard it and i had not.

given that my mother and i live a great distance from one another,
we did what comes naturally when we want to share something.
we both got on our computers and onto Shania's website.

i immediately loved this song and it spoke to my soul.
it came at such a perfect time in my life
and i find it is so uplifting.
(it just might have to be my theme song!)

so, i thought i would share it here with you.

oh and about that radio station that Shania listened to that 
played such a range of music ...

i grew up listening to that exact same radio station.
that's right Shania is from the same home town.
(no i don't know her - she went to a different high school than me.)

i once got a glimpse of her and shot this photo
(honest it is her)
as she carried the Olympic torch into town on 
the most incredibly cold New Year's eve...
(just look at how we are all dressed!)

but, i wanted to thank her
for sharing her beautiful gift with us.

for creating this song
and for making our world that much happier.

for making my day that much brighter when i listen

p.s. - you are going to love the video too!

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