May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I can't even describe the moment.
when i held my children for the very first time.
when i got to look at their tiny little face, hands and toes.
so precious and so hard for me to believe they were once that small.

i had become a mother long before that.

it really was the moment that i was told i was pregnant.
that is when my world changed forever in the most incredible way.
i was so deeply connected and i already loved this little life growing inside me.

let's face it ... you never, ever meet a person that way.
we get to meet soul to soul first.

and even though motherhood is hard work and does have some low moments,
where you question everything you are doing.
it does bring you the highest of highs.
like when you are beaming with love and just bursting
at the seams with pride because of the shear joy you have for your children.
motherhood is a privilege and a gift.

I always knew I wanted to become a mother.
how could i not, when i had a mother who
unselfishly gave my siblings and i her special love
only because we were her children.

i adore my mother.
i have such special memories of a childhood filled with
yummy home baking, cooking right by her side,
 and being read too in the most delightful way.
(one of my mom's favorite books she read  to us
when we were small was "Are You My Mother?" by Dr. Seuss.
it turns out it also became a favorite with my children)

she sewed clothes for us, sang with us, tucked us in at night,
and we knew she was always there for us.

it doesn't stop there.
as i grew and stretched my wings so did my mother.
(not easy for a mother to let go.)
she never kept us "small",
(heck there was three of us to tend too.)
she gave my siblings and I one of the most precious gifts.
she gave us roots (very deep loving roots)
and she gave us wings.
(ones that she cultivated slowly so when we did take flight,
if we faltered we would be able to recover )
of course a phone call home would help us get back on track...
even if it was something we didn't want to hear.
but we knew she would be there.

my mother is the reason i continue on this creative path.
she has always encouraged and believed in me.
(a cheerleader like no other)

as i continue on my own journey through motherhood, 
i am thankful i have my mother to turn too.
i love and cherish that our relationship has always
continued to grow and the connection still very deep.

i know i am truly a lucky girl to have my mother
(i so wish we lived closer)
and i feel incredibly blessed to be called

wishing you all a very
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Thank you! Such beautiful babies! xxoo

  2. Wonderful post, Stacey! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

    1. thank you donna! it was enjoyable and my children very good to me.... i did miss my mom though!

  3. Your mother is truly beautiful inside and out. When I bump into her we always have a good chat. You, Greg and Heather are so lucky to have her.

    1. thank you wendy! yes, we are all so grateful for her amazing and beautiful spirit! we are truly blessed.