May 16, 2012

inspiration and the beginnings of a new illustration

i wanted to share this new illustration in progress.
it is part of a series i am creating.

this is how i ended my day yesterday,
with this little guy sitting on my desk
and the glow of the sun set washing over it.
(there was something so tranquil about it.)

this was my second attempt at this little guy.
while i was illustrating i decided that
i wanted to apply a wash of color to it.
so i decided i needed to stretch the paper.

this was my result.

a very wrinkled paper.
my husband seemed to be more disappointed than i was.
(he even hates to see me rip out my crochet projects
when I have done something wrong.)

to me this was just a matter of making it right
and saving myself a ton of headaches later.
besides i would of never been truly happy with it.

so i began again.

but i also decided to make my life a lot easier
and i picked up a watercolor block at the art supply store.

i am so glad i began again.


i have also been doing a bit of online shopping.
i just received my order from BumberShoot Supplies.

so here is a sneak peek at some of the beads
i purchased in hopes that they will suit this
years Christmas ornaments.

i have learnt to buy what i love when i see them
because with vintage you never
know when you will see them again.

i just love these beads and i can't wait to see what
appears in the pages of my sketchbook
for this years ornaments.

i also ordered a few other items.
i became smitten with the rhinestones
that Sharon has in her shop.
they are so incredibly beautiful.

i have some plans for them as well.
but for now they sit on my desk
and every once in awhile i take them out
and dream how they will embellish my creations.

so inspiring!


  1. ohhhh, I see yumminess just around the corner! Christmas ornaments, new drawings... how exciting. :)

    1. i can't wait to see them come to life as well. can't wait to share them as well!

  2. OMGoodness that little bear is just perfection! LOve him Stacey, I can see why your hubby was sad when the paper wrinkled all up on you!

    1. thanks so much Drocas! i have a few more touches to do on him and of course the background. yes, we all have times when things don't go smoothly.

  3. a bear with a striped t-shirt? too cute, stacey! sorry to hear about the wrinkling, but i'm glad you persevered!

    1. thanks donna! i am enjoying creating this series very much. this little guy is the first. i guess the wrinkling of the paper all happened for a reason because now i have these beautiful blocks that are ready to go.