May 29, 2012

more bear illustrations and displaying my illustrations

i thought i would share some more sneak peeks of
my bear series in progress.
i have been busy working on these little guys
in stages and still have to add backgrounds.
in fact today i plan to work on the last set of bears.
i hope you don't mind my little glimpses
of my work and don't feel put off that i have not
shown the complete illustration.
the wait will be worth it.

when i have not been illustrating i have been spending my
studio time learning to adjust to drawing on the
computer with a tablet.
i had such mixed feelings about getting one.
i was excited about the possibilities
and yet i knew that there would be bit of
a learning curve.

so far so good.


back in april i mentioned i was painting
some of the rooms of our house.
somehow i even became brave and painted
this wall in our hall a lovely shade of blue.
i had the idea of a feature wall and just followed
my heart.
(no over thinking)

it has become a favorite part of my house.
(who would of thought a hallway could bring joy!)

i have also lived with no pictures on these walls
until this weekend.

now this might sound strange to most
people but i have not hung any current work
in my house outside my studio.

i am not sure why.

but, when i brought my pieces home from the
art gallery i simply stuck them on our mantel.
it was that happy accident that made
something click inside me.
i realized that i love these illustrations,
and why can't they be in our living space
and not hidden in the studio.

so this little space in the hall has slowly
evolved over the last month.
we view this spot from our dining room,
our kitchen and from the opposite hall.
it sees a lot of traffic.

after hanging the illustrations i decided that this little space
will be a revolving display of my illustrations
and even change with the seasons.

i feel like i am blooming.
becoming even more comfortable with myself
and my creative soul.

funny how things happen.


  1. i can bear-ly wait to see the full reveal! love the bear's fuzzy texture and the striped outfit is too cute! i'm sure it will be worth the wait. ;)

    1. so cute donna! thank you for noticing the fuzzy texture on the bears. it takes a lot of time and layers to give them that particular look. i will try not to keep you waiting too long!

  2. LOve your space Stacey! Your work should definately be on display, much too lovely to leave stacked on your mantle. :)

    1. Dorcas i am so glad you liked my little spot. Thank you! I have great plans for the rest of the house but that will evolve over time. For now this little spot brings me lots of pleasure.

  3. I agree, display your work everywhere, it's so beautiful. I like the black frames, it works!

    1. thank you so sweet of you and i am so glad you stopped by. i hope all is well with your creative world!