June 15, 2012

on my desk!

i thought i would share what is currently on my desk.

birds have become really apparent in
many of my new work.

how can they not?
especially when little fellows
like this little robin fledgling stop by
and visit.
(i just love his little baby feathers that are left on his head)

snowmen are also being created. 

we recently have experienced a drop in temperature
after i started working on these fellows. 

oops... sorry! but it really was too humid.



  1. ohhh, what a wonderful little bird! love it

  2. Delightful!!! PattyC

  3. Your birds and snowman are wonderful!! I like the cooler weather...keep crafting the snowmen!!

  4. thank you ladies! I still have a few more snowmen to create and would love to keep the humidity away!

  5. happy to see snowmen in june! and the robin is adorable!

  6. awe so glad you like them donna & sarah and thanks for visiting. gosh it has turned a little cool again as I still am working on these little snowmen.... sorry to those of you who like the heat.