August 03, 2012

rest and relaxation!

it has been some time since i last wrote.

much has happened
yet nothing has happened.

life has happened.

i have spent sometime with my family
at my parents cottage in northern ontario.

the northern air and the peaceful surroundings
are always good for our souls.
so is the abundance of laughter, family, food and many sun filled days at the beach.

i always pack my sketchbook,
my camera, a book
and usually a tactile project of some kind
to work on while at the cottage.

this year however was different.

i attempted to sketch ... but didn't.
i photographed my family enjoying our days together...
but didn't  wonder and photograph things that inspired me.

instead, i encouraged my children to
pick up my camera and i found inspiration in what they captured.
(i credit my sons for the following photographs and the one of Bailey above.)

i have said before that i am becoming very aware
of the seasons that lie within my own life,  especially creatively.

there was no mistake that during our time at the cottage,
i was firmly planted in one of my winter seasons.

i had such a flurry of creativity before i left for our
family vacation that i was destine for this time
to restore my creative soul.

i read two books
and enjoyed the special time with family and friends.
(i am so grateful for it.)

i think it was the first time that i really
let go and embraced this time of winter.
(probably because i was far removed from my studio,
my everyday and the internet)

i needed it but more importantly i was okay with it.

i am now back in the studio.
slowly easing myself into another season ... spring.
i am looking forward to it.

i missed being creative.

here is my little owl still in progress
as he waits patiently for his final touches.


  1. Reading your posts is almost like a little meditation for me. I love visiting and am happy to see you have posted again! Yes, we do need our little winters...with full knowledge that spring will follow. I look forward to your spring!

    1. Judy! your words are so sweet and it gives me such joy to know that my post brought you a sense of serenity. i am so delighted that you enjoy my little blog and a glimpse into my everyday life as an artist. i thoroughly enjoyed my winter and i too anticipate my spring. thank you again for visiting, taking the time to write and making my day! Best wishes to you and your creative endeavors!

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