September 13, 2012

an artist's dream

it has been kind of like Christmas here.

kind of...

no snow or crazy baking or shopping or parties.

just me quietly illustrating and designing for my
2012 ornament collection.

i really have enjoyed myself
and wish i could spend more time
just illustrating.

but isn't that every artists dream?

as you know when i illustrate i spend time
away from the computer in "studio b"
it is a corner of my house that is quiet during the day and
i get to look out onto the backyard. i usually turn up the music
and get lost for awhile.

there has been a family of blue jays that have been visiting
our backyard for the last few weeks. you can hear them arrive because
they make all sorts of very interesting calls and they are quiet loud.

we finally spotted this little guy quietly up in the trees.
i had never seen a blue jay fledgling before.
he still has not developed some of his markings.
so magical to see!

so while i have been illustrating the bluejays have been
landing on the window sill and perching in our lilac trees.

i have enjoyed their visits while i paint.

such a wonderful way to spend a day.


  1. getting excited to see your wonderful creations!!

    1. just as I am getting excited to be able to share! thank you!

  2. When are your stamps going to be available at Purple Onions? I bought your last collection and am anxiously waiting for your Christmas collection!!

    1. Jeanette! I am not to sure when my new collection will be available. I do know that they are in the production process. Don't worry I will keep everyone posted. I can't wait to see them too!

  3. what a sweet angel, and i LOVE that carrot nose!

    1. you are so kind donna! these illustrations look so sweet as ornaments too!