December 16, 2012

it's christmas around here!

i just love, love Christmas!

the magic of the season absolutely delights me!
(that doesn't mean i haven't had some rather less festive Christmas')

but, i guess what that means is the magic still prevails for me.

Christmas is a huge reason why i create today.
but, maybe you realized that with some of my subject matter.

when i was a little girl almost every Christmas i received hand made gifts
from my grandmother and my mother.

so at christmas time i love to create and give.
i think that is why i started creating my own ornaments.
but it doesn't have to be complicated
for example just last night,
 even though i was incredibly tired, i made
a few batch of cookies for my family. 
(a few of our favorites.)
the delight for me was that my family got to
enjoy such a treat well into the evening.
"oh mom, these are so good & so warm ... thank you!"
and that is all i need.

stockings are my absolute favorite!
 i still would rather have my stocking
stuffed than any present under the tree.
i am not exactly sure why. 
maybe because it always contains the little things.
the overlooked little treasures.

trimming the tree also was one of my most favorite things to do.
when i was a teenager i took on the job of stringing the lights.
(i am truly ready for one of my children to take that job over.)

i also hung the tinsel on the tree.

(you know, it was the very thin silver pieces of foil that seemed
to automatically come with it's own static electricity.)
although it did make everything sparkle.
i had very specific instructions that it had to be hung one at a time.

however, many years ago my mother discovered the most
wonderful answer to that exasperating job.

this tinsel is made of very thin twisted tin.

i highly recommend it.
it goes on like a dream and it is not just my job anymore.

you may find it at LeeValley Tools
(i also bought the tin stars featured on the same page.)

i have my poinsettias. so pretty!
(just hope i can keep them alive... i don't have much of a green thumb)

and i have sprinkled some of my  art pieces throughout the house.

here is happy sitting amongst some silvery trees.

one of my little blessings sits on my grandfather's book shelf.

i changed the artwork in the hall
for something more seasonal.
(the little felt pillow on the bench i made years
ago that was based on an old illustration)

and last but not least
i would like to introduce you to 

one of my newest snowmen.
i created a few snowmen in the summer
to include in my portfolio.
when it came time to name them
there characteristics reminded me of a couple of my uncles.

this one was named after my
uncle stan.

he is sitting on top of my fireplace.

he just makes me


  1. Beautiful decor, love all your artwork! Merry Christmas.

  2. Beautiful! Wishing you a very merry Christmas

    1. Thank you and may you have a beautiful & merry Christmas too!

  3. You are so talented, I am a new fan and already I'm just in love!!

    1. thank you Ann Marie for your sweet & kind words about my work and I am so glad that you enjoy the things I create.
      Merry Christmas!

  4. Everything looks lovely! My favorite part is decorating my tree and putting out my Santa collection. And baking my favorite lemon cookies.

    1. Thank you Lisa! I love to bake as well. I love to make all kinds but my ginger snaps have become very popular over the years. Merry Christmas!

  5. Please! Make this cute snowman into a stamp! I would be the first to purchase!
    Just adorable!!!


  6. Hi Holly Jackson! thank you for such sweet words. There are two snowmen in the post I am wondering which one you adore so much.