February 01, 2013

loving february

february has long been designated the month for love.
focusing in on Valentine's day and that special someone in your life.

but it occurred to me as I finally hung up my calendar in the studio,
and flipped it to the month of february,

that maybe instead of just focusing in on who we love
or who loves us,
maybe we should also consider
what we love.
(you know what truly creates joy in our heart and soul.)

love is not a matter of what happens in life.
it's a matter of what's happening in your heart.
-ken keyes

so, i though that i would spend sometime
listening to my heart this month
to really pay attention to
what i love during my everyday.

i thought i would begin by sharing
some of the things that i already know i love.

i love to bake.
i love to take walks in the forest.
i love beautiful paper.
i love to pick up stones from the water and
look at them while they are wet.
i love to kayak or canoe.
(especially on calm days when the water is like glass.)
i love dark chocolate.
i love a glass of red wine in the evening.
i love waking up early.
(it just seems so peaceful and full of possibilities.)
i love my morning cup of coffee.
i love to have my breakfast outside in the summer.
i love to watch the snow fall.
i love white lights on the trees.
(anytime of the year.)
i love to watch the leaves on a poplar tree dance in the breeze.
i love to listen to the birds sing.
(even in the spring when they are the loudest.)
i love hydrangeas, peonies, lavender and fields of lupins.
i love long tree lined driveways.
(i hope one day i can have a path like that leading to my home.)
i love the fall.
(it is one of my most favourite seasons.)
i love to be with family and friends.
i love all kinds of music depending on my mood.
i love century homes with all their charm.
i love the colors turquoise, blue, pink and green.
i love vintage finds especially beads, ribbons and textiles.
i love stories.
i love quotes that make you go ah-ha!
i love smiles.
(i need to smile more often cause I really am quite happy.)
i loved reading to my children when they were small.
( i would go back in time to do this. )
i love to create.
(that i am sure you already know)
i love to tell the ones i love that
"i love them!"

what do you love?

"let me count the ways!"
is now in my etsy shop.



thank you to all of you who wrote me both
here on my blog and by email
about my "winter" post.
your beautiful words were so kind
and meant so much.


  1. I love your artwork!! I love creating a piece, whether it is a large project like a quilt, or a smaller purse/wallet when it is finished I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride! I love watching people open a gift I've made just for them. Great post, your blog is beautiful.

    1. Jeanette, I have always loved making things and especially giving them as gifts too. thank you for sharing "what you love"
      I love that my artwork creates joy for you. your words are so kind.

  2. Oh Wow! We are kindred souls...I seem to love the same things you do. I love to walk in fresh falling snow at night and listen to the silence, and maybe hear just the squeak of my shoes or boots against the snow and the creaking of snow laden branches.
    We have a section of hi-way in the valley I love to drive thru, as the big pecan trees line both sides of the road and overhang it for a few miles. The sunlight filtering through the trees casts lacy patches of light and it is magical.
    I also love putting a card together using your beautiful designs, especially Peep and that cute as a button frog and mushroom. They are a delight to work with! :)

    1. Marilyn! I love to walk in fresh fallen snow as well ... especially in the bush or on a trail. It is incredibly beautiful at night and so magical for your soul. I am dreaming of your pecan tree lined drive as I have never seen a pecan tree ( at least that I am not aware of ) It is in those amazing moments when we stop and notice the breath taking beauty such as the sunlight filtering through your pecan trees that we truly are blessed to witness such magic. They are moments that inspire us to create and I am so honoured that my designs have delighted your creative spirit. I would love to see your cards if you wish to share. Thank you for sharing what you "love" and keep seeing the magic in your everyday!

  3. Not too good at linking things.



    Maybe this will work, I never know! LOL
    I only have photo's of my cards in my photostream on the Flickr site. Thanks for asking.

    1. thank you so much for sharing. it is always wonderful to see what is created using my stamp images. your cards are so sweet. i love the little details you add to your cards, especially the stitches. (they are also one of my favourite things to add to my creations) wishing you many happy creative moments!