February 20, 2013

sweets, snow and a sneak peek!

last week on valentine's day i decided to bake
my family a little treat instead of buying something.

i found these cupcakes while visiting pinterest.
if you have never been on pinterest, i highly recommended it.
(but a word of warning - it can be extremely addicting.)

i decided to use my own favourite chocolate cake recipe
and instead of icing i tinted whip cream.
(this made it less sweet, which is what my family prefers.)

you can find the instructions
to make these cupcakes at

we have also been enjoying a bit of winter.
(finally ... after all i do live in Canada!)

on one of our walks this weekend we spotted this
little woodpecker in the tree top.
it was a very cold bitter morning but it didn't seem to care
as it looked for food.

bailey did not care either as she happily played in the snow.
she just loves the snow!
(if only we could all be that happy - all the time.)

i snapped this photo of bailey after
the large snowstorm we had a few weeks ago. 

lastly, i thought i would share what is currently on my desk.

occasionally i am able to accept commission work.
(usually when things are a little slow in the studio)

of course just after saying yes to this commission,
got extremely busy.

luckily, i have a very understanding and patient client. 
i am finally in the process of completing the final illustration.

here is a sneak peek of the illustration in progress.


  1. Your Bailey photo makes me homesick for PEI and my sisters dog, so cute! Love your new illustration of course!

    1. Jeanette, so sorry to make you homesick. golden's certainly warm your heart. i hope at least the photo of bailey and my new illustration at least gave you a smile to make up for missing home.

  2. So BEAUTIFULLY ADORABLE!!!! :) Can I ask...do you sketch it in pencil, and then what you use to color in?

    1. Thank you Marissa! Of course you can ask... it truly depends on the illustration and the look I am trying to achieve. I plan all my work before going to final illustration and I always transfer my sketch to my paper before illustrating. In this particular case I went over my "transfer" lines with pencil before adding a watercolour wash. I am currently in the process of adding many layers of pencil crayon. ( I have a variety of different brands of artist quality pencil crayons- they are so worth the investment) My work tends to have many layers and since this piece is still in progress I am not sure what mediums I will add next to achieve the look I am after. I hope this answers your question.

  3. Stacey, I love your work! I have both your stamp sets and absolutely love them. Can't wait until your next stamp release : )

    1. Thank you! It is so heartwarming to hear that you are enjoying the stamp collections I created. Thank you for taking the time to write. I wish you many, many moments of blissful creating! It is such a happy place to be!

  4. The little girls are adorable. And thank you for sharing your wintery photos--Bailey looks happy indeed!

    1. Thank you donna! Bailey is a happy girl. she certainly knows how to make me smile!

  5. Hej Stacey ... I just love everything you create...such a warming illustrations <3
    I also love your stamps - I just having so much fun with them :) Hoping there would be some more stamps from you :) Kind regards, Darija

  6. Forgot to add link, where you can see my work with your stamps ;) I'm so happy to have them...really! I made little magnets and stamped images on them :) Do you also have any tips or tutorial for your beautiful coloring? aaaaa, just amazing :) Darija