March 26, 2013

i dare you!

although i have spent many years working as a graphic
designer it took me many personal drawings and paintings
later before i could even whisper to someone that 
was an artist. 
(even though i created since i was a child, loved art class,
went to school and worked in a creative industry.)

looking back i know that all these steps were an important
part of where i am today and they were necessary.

it seemed somewhat easier and less judgemental to be an artist 
working for a company rather than having my name attached to a piece.
(but then there was this quiet nagging voice inside of me
that wanted to take ownership for what i created.)

when i became a mother of three,
i had very little time to be creative.
colouring on a big sheet of craft paper with my sons
was my new "creative time".
(but every once in awhile that nagging voice became louder
and that's when i focused in on sewing halloween costumes,
writing poems, taking photos,
making christmas cards, painting a room or drawing)

it took many, many more drawings and
paintings later to begin saying
"i am an artist"
and believing it. 

however, during this vulnerable time,
teetering between the safety net of one world
and the world i always dreamed about being a part of
i have learned the hard way who to share this dream with. 

as an artist you are sharing
a very deep part of yourself
and it is because of this that i am still
very careful who i share my hopes and dreams with.

i think this quote explains it perfectly.

every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures.
           -Henry Ward Beecher

dreams take a lot of hard work, passion, a lot of self-talk, some crying,
laughter, patience, one step at a time (even though you desperately want it now)
 and a lot of love not only for yourself but for what you are doing.

it is not an easy path but and incredible path.
(i have learned a lot about myself along the way.)
i have also been blessed with some very incredibly supportive
and loving family and friends.
(i wouldn't be on this path if it weren't for those early investors.)

and i am so grateful for that nagging inner voice
that kept on making noise loud enough so that i would listen.

last week,
my artist friend over at
posted an inspiring video
by Kelly Corrigan
on her blog.
i am so grateful that she shared it and i wanted to share it with all of you.
please give a listen to Kelly.

i hope it inspires you to take the paths of your dreams
no matter what that is for you.

"i dare you!"


  1. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post. I have always struggled with calling myself an artist, even though I have been creating things for as long as I can remember AND I have a degree in fine art! When people ask what I do, I always tend to say "I make things" instead of labeling myself an artist. I AM an ARTIST! It is nice to hear someone else with obvious talent struggles in the same way!

    1. thank you Lisa. labels are always tough to deal with. i think the key is to continue to create even in times of doubt. when i create, it is there that i find my truest joy with my art and it is there that it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks ... it is all about how it makes me feel. i think that is true for everyone. i am just another girl who loves to "make things" too. But, like everyone else has struggles and doubts that go along with putting yourself out there in such a personal way. keep creating Lisa and keep believing in yourself.