March 22, 2013

march in a nut shell!

hi there!

it is so hard to believe "spring" is  officially here with so much
snow still on the ground, never mind Easter just around the corner.

the month has passed by so quickly
and i can't believe i have not written.

as i have said before.
so much has happened and yet nothing at all. has happened.

march bought a few snowstorms as well as some new experiences for me:

like attending the marilyn denis show in toronto. 
it was such a wonderful experience
to be part of the studio audience
and i was amazed how quickly it was all over.
( i must say I was relieved that my t.v. appearance
as an audience member was fleeting)


march break also happened.
my boys were off from school.
long gone are the days of having a whole week of
march break activities planned.
this year my two oldest boys worked at their jobs
and they all seemed to keep busy with their social lives.
like most teenagers they loved the sleeping-in part and
lounging in their p.j.'s. probably the most.

i did take some time to spoil them with
some warm baking as they woke.
(one of my pleasures of being their mom)

we did managed to steel away as a family for an extended long
weekend and headed north of course to visit more family.

it is there we got to snowshoe at a local cranberry farm,
had a hockey game on the lake
and us girls got a chance to wonder a local shop.
(of course if we could we would of backed up the truck
and loaded everything up for our homes)
you must take a look at this beautiful shop.

but really what i enjoyed the most was
creating memories with my family, 
just simply hanging out, no rush or "to do" list
just going were the wind took us.

so relaxing.


yesterday, however i found myself standing on the
street corner in downtown Guelph as i watched
the processional of a fallen Guelph police officer.
 i have never attended anything like that before.
(watching it on t.v. is really not the same.)

i was overwhelmed with emotion by the sea of 
uniformed police officers, fire fighters and first responders
who came from all over the country to pay their respects,
also to lend support not only to the family
but also to their fellow officers. 

it hit close to home...
as i have a loved one who is a police officer.


on a brighter note.
the days are longer. 

we changed our clocks and lost an hour last week.
wow! it gets harder and harder every year for me to adjust.


i  have been very busy in the studio.
creating backgrounds, patterns and digital mockups
using my illustrations. i do have a few new illustrations to share as well very soon.

in the meantime, i did complete the commission i mentioned in an earlier post
i now have a very happy client
and hopes that spring is on it's way very soon!

have a happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful lovely.

  2. Beautifully Done......and we have so much to be grateful for! xoxo

    1. thank you patty c.! yes, we must be grateful for all our blessings even the tiny ones! xoxoxo