April 18, 2013

birthday cake, ice and a little turquoise owl!

introducing.... l'l turquoise!

the last few weeks have been very eventful.

 we celebrated our oldest son turn 18!

(i am still dumbfounded about where the time has gone)

i had a very full heart that day.
so many firsts with him, so many adorable moments,
so many feelings and yet so proud.
proud of who he has become
and knowing how grateful i am that he has been
apart of my everyday for the last 18 years. 

we also experienced a pretty nasty ice storm.
(this has been a long winter)
however, we were lucky were we live...
as there is still clean up in our city
and other communities who had no power up until a few days ago.

i was grateful that my children were all safe at home.
(they were just happy they got to sleep in and have a day off from school)

then i had a sweet reminder that spring is on it's way.

these two brothers
put on quite a show in our backyard one afternoon.

they spent some time chasing each other
through the trees and seemed to be having
a grand old time together.

in the spirit of spring I finished my illustration

"l'l turquoise"

(he has been waiting patiently for some time to be finished)

he is offered in two versions in my etsy shop.

and as promised you may now find my offerings
of my "shine bright" series in my shop as well.

have a wonderful day!


  1. Adorable owl.... so much personality!

  2. How wonderful to have so many signs of life amidst continued winter weather! Happy birthday to your son...you must be so proud. (My oldest just turned 14 and I can't believe it, honestly...he was my tiny baby just yesterday.). I love your posts and all your lovely illustrations and photos...I always feel relaxed when I visit here!

  3. My eldest is 18 too, I still can't get used to it!! It only feels like yesterday that I was 10 lol. Love your little owl, he is so, so, so, so cute!

  4. Denise, Judy & Sarah!

    (for some reason i can't reply to each of your comments personally today. not sure why.)

    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments about my little owl, sweet wishes for my son and yes i am bubbling over with pride.

    our sweet children will always be our babies! i adore the memories and i love spending time with who they have become.

    Sarah, I agree feels only like yesterday I was 10 ... well maybe 18. so hard to believe how quickly time marches on. so enjoy every moment ladies and thank you once again for visiting me here.

    Judy it warms my heart that this is a place that you find relaxing... i try!