April 04, 2013

shine bright!

i must admit that these little guys have
been gracing the walls of my studio for sometime.
i know that i have shared sneak peeks of them in the past
i am finally introducing the
"shine bright series"
i created for my portfolio.

these little bears were inspired by
a few things. 

first the notion that we all have are own
individual light and it is up to us to shine our brightest.
(i know sometimes it is easier said than done.) 

secondly, these pieces were inspired by those
star filled and moon lit nights at our family cottage.
where the stars shone the brightest
and the moon lit up the woods that surrounded our
little place. we were often in our pajamas
to see this spectacular occurrence
and of course we would make a wish.

a- Shine Bright
b- Dance by the Light of the Moon!
c- Wish upon a Star!
d- Sending my very Best Wishes!
e-Reach for the Stars!

they will soon be in my etsy shop
both as prints and cards.



  1. Simply adorable! I loved the sneak when I first saw it. The striped shirt and pj's add to the cuteness factor. I have always been a fan of stripes in illustrations wheter it is a shirt, hat or stockings.

    I also love that you share the inspiration for your illustrations and what is going through your mind as you draw them.

    1. Thank you Michele! I love red & white stripes too! One of my favourite things to add to my art!
      I like to hear what inspires others too! I will try to include that from now on.

  2. Lisa! thank you! I am so glad you like them.