May 27, 2013

visiting surtex and New York City!

i am back.
i decided to take a little trip to New York City
to visit Surtex!
(yes, little o'l me ... hard to believe me in the big apple)

my mom graciously joined me.
i brought her for a reason ... to keep me grounded.

i wasn't sure how I would react or what to expect
from such an event and i knew my mom would
set me straight if I started to
become overwhelmed.
(always a plus to have a special lady like her on your side.)

Surtex has so many incredible talented artists and it was so inspiring.
i still can not believe that my work was amongst such talent.
i am so grateful!

visiting Surtex also allowed me to meet my agency, MHS Licensing 
and to see them in action.
(they did not disappoint.)

i can't tell you how pleased i was to finally meet them face to face after working so closely
with them for the past 6 months. they have been absolutely incredible!

i am so grateful for all their hard work
but, more importantly i am truly grateful for their belief in the pieces i create.

i also got to meet and thank Tara Reid. Tara is an artist that licenses her work but
also runs a licensing blog that is chalk full of information for artists who would like to
get started in licensing. i found her ArtLicenisngBlog
and e-books very helpful.

after Surtex ended my mom and I stayed a few more days in New York
to do some sight seeing. We visited Times Square, Ground Zero, 
took in a show on Broadway (of course) and did the hop-on-hop-off bus tour.
(our time was limited but we packed in a great deal)

we did do a little bit of shopping.
not everyone's typical shopping in New York.

our highlight was finding and discovering the wonderful world of
we spent so much time drooling over the vintage trims and ribbons
in this store. it really was hard to choose what to buy.
so i bought a handful of treasures and as usual
i bought what delighted me. i am not sure how they will end up in my
work but for now they will reside in my studio as inspiration.

our return trip home was eventful to say the least.
New York was having some very nasty weather on that day.
when we checked in at the airport we found out our
flight was delayed and then later on ... cancelled.
i was exhausted and so ready to come home that
staying another night was not what i really wanted to do.

but, like anything there is always a silver lining ... if you look for it.

firstly, i was thankful we were not in an airplane praying for our safety.
(i am not good with flying in the first place.)

secondly, our airline made arrangements so we
would have hotel accommodations for the night.
(we were so grateful we didn't spend the night in the airport)

thirdly,  we met
Wendy and her mother Vel travelling home
to Regina. it turns out that Wendy is quite a creative soul herself
and it was such a delight to have the time to get to know them both.
(i do hope the rest of their trip home was less eventful.)

fourthly,  my full circle moment ...
we met a lovely and charming couple during the time we
were trying to reschedule our flight and making arrangements for our hotel.

Pauline and Stan were travelling within the U.S.
to meet up with some friends.
(their flight had been delayed)
one of those friends they were meeting with was Lynn Johnston.
(the Canadian cartoonist who created "For Better or for Worse")
As we got to talking a little more we found out we were actually chatting
with Stan Goldberg a legend in the comic book industry. 

Not only did I grow up reading Archie comic books, but my step father has a rather large collection
which he passed along to my boys. My house was littered with Archie comics in every room for many, many years. Unfortunately,  I was in a bit of a preoccupied state when I met Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg. I didn't at the time really soak in this incredible chance encounter until
I looked at Stan's website when I returned home.

Not only did I grow up reading comic books at the cottage but, I also would
draw the characters in those comic books. If I had been in the right frame of mind
I would of been gushing at this gentleman and his body of work.
I would of asked him tons of questions about his career and listened intently.
but, looking back, I think it was meant to unfold just the way it did.
it was so lovely to meet such kind and wonderful people such as Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg.

my fifth and final silver lining to our extra day in New York was that we were
able to return home a few hours
before my oldest son attended his prom. 
( it was one of those mom moments i didn't want to miss.)

i also want to take a moment to thank all who wished me well,
who cheered me on and all the wonderful notes, messages and
phone calls i received as i embarked on this journey.  
my heart spills over with such gratitude because of so much kindness.

after being home for a few days, i am very surprised how very tired i have been feeling.
i am anxious and inspired to start creating again but
it seems my body is telling me differently.
so i plan to take the next few days a little slow.

my mind is percolating with new ideas especially for my sculptures
and i have been working on a new stamp collection.
i will leave you with a sneak peek.



  1. Yay! So exciting! :) You are one of my very favorite artists, which is not something I throw around lightly. I adore your work and your personality and I am so grateful that you share them with the rest of us! :)

    Annie Rose

  2. So glad your trip was, first of all, safe and sound. I am glad to hear that you were happy with what was happening with your designs (can't wait to see what's coming our way!)And finally, thrilled for the peek and the news that you are working on new rubber stamps. I am a stamper and LOVE LOVE LOVE your rubber stamp creations! YIPPEE!!!! thank you.

  3. Thank you Annie Rose for such a heartfelt comment and it is so wonderful that my work has brought you such delight. that is my deepest wish to spread the joy that creating gives me to others.

    Theresa! that you for wishing my work and myself your best. i can't wait to finish these stamps and put them in the hands of such a warm and caring community of stampers. it has been amazing to have this opportunity!

  4. It sounds like you had a fabulous trip! And the extra day was a special gift!

    I grew up with Archie comic books too! LOVED THEM!! I could just KICK myself because when my parents moved from the house I grew up in, I decided I didn't need them anymore and I THREW THEM AWAY! AGH!! Anyway....I'm so happy for you. You are a very talented artist and I can't wait to see where this marvelous journey takes you!

  5. Lisa! Yes you are so right the extra day was a special gift in disguise. It is all in the point of view isn't it? We all tend to get rid of things as we move on. Just think you probably made some other kid very happy with your collection of Archie comics. You were spreading the joy!
    Thank you for your sweet words of kindness. I am so grateful I am able to create everyday.

  6. Stacey, how wonderful that you were able to get to NYC to see your work displayed at Surtex (and also how wonderful to have your mother with you to keep you grounded)! That must have been an amazing experience, seeing your own art...I can't even imagine! So well deserved, you are truly gifted. I also LOVE that you were able to find so many bright sides to your unexpected extra day in New York...having plans changed like that can be very stressful, but you had some very cool experiences because of it! Very cool! I am glad, too, that you made it home in time for your son's prom...all is well that ends well. Now I can't wait to see what stamps you have coming our way...even the sneak peeks are exciting!

  7. Judy! i received your sweet comment this morning! it was a wonderful way to start my day, especially as i gear up to start creating some new pieces. the sun is shining and i look forward to working on those stamp revisions. kind words like yours make it so rewarding to share with the world. thank you!

  8. You are welcome! I hope today is a happy, creative day for you!