June 12, 2013

little update!

hello friend!
(has time passed quickly for you as well?)

well here i am
and i thought i would share what i have been up to lately.

as you know the last 6 months have been pretty busy. 
very, very long hours at the computer and my little drawing table.
during this time my neck and shoulders
have suffered greatly.
(i must admit my posture has never been good.)

so i have been trying to break old habits, be much more
aware of how i sit and for how long.
(i even brought a timer into the studio
to make sure i move and stretch often.)
of course i have also had help from several professionals
to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

i definitely want to be drawing and creating for a very, very long time.

so, thus began a search for a drafting table.

this drafting table had some very specific requirements to fill
since it would reside in our living room.
it had to be on the smaller side and it had to look pretty.
 (oh yes and it definitely had to be within my budget)

i am happy to say the search is over.
yeah me and yeah to my neck!

so here she is.
she is rustic and has some definite character.
she is the right size and she looks pretty
and my neck is so happy.
(you can see she is already earning her keep
as sketches of my stamp designs are in progress)

however,buying this new piece set
a whole bunch of things in motion
in the studio.

this lead to some major studio reorganizing.
i bought some little containers for my beads and things,
reorganized my favourite books and magazines
and made sure that my fabric was visible.

inspiration finally at my finger tips.

i still have a few things to do.
new lighting is definitely on my list.

but that will come
and now i am turning my sights
on creating again.

i found this bloom in my garden a few days ago.
lupins are one of my favourite flowers.
i have tried before to grow these with no luck.
it truly made me smile!

i am sending wishes to all of you
that your days are full of things that make you smile!


  1. Beautiful drafting table my dear! I can so identify with the pain of sitting too long with incorrect posture! Glad you are doing better! I love your stamp designs and love visiting to see what you are creating!
    :) Jill

  2. thank you jill. the drafting table has helped so much and so has the stretching. (knock on wood!)
    i am so glad that you visit and enjoy my creations. it is always wonderful to hear especially when i spend so much of my time alone. wishing you a wonderful day full of inspiration!