July 01, 2013

Happy Canada Day!


  1. Happy Canada Day Stacey! I hope it's ok; i posted your gorgeous Canada Day postcard on my blog and i linked it back to this post. I do not want to infringe on any copyright issues so if i made a booboo please let me know and i'll take it down. I love all your illustrations, especially your stamps from Purple Onion Design! you have great talent and i'm proud to call you a fellow Canadian!

  2. Happy Canada Day! Your draw is so cute thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy Canada Day to you too Isabelle!
    Thank you for your sweet words about my work and I am glad you are enjoying my stamps from Purple Onion.
    Please, in the future I would appreciate if you would seek out my written permission first before publishing any of my images. ( It is an infringement.) I hope you understand that my images are my livelihood. Thank you!

  4. Angelica! Happy Canada to you too!
    It is my pleasure to share my drawings and it means so much when they bring delight to others.

  5. hi Stacey,

    i took it down off my blog, i kinda did it on impulse. i do understand that this is your livelihood. Have a great day!

  6. Isabelle!
    Thank you for understanding and I realize that you only had the best intentions in mind. Please don't hesitate to contact me via email if you ever wish to use one of my images. Enjoy your day as well!