July 22, 2013

photoshop play

lately, i have been playing with textures in photoshop.

original photo untouched in photoshop.

the same photo with lots of added textures and layers.
(i just love the weathered look.)

i had so much fun i had to try another image.
this time i cropped the image first.



wishing you time to play!


  1. Love love love.......Your just a huge bundle of talent!!!!!. I have started making cards for fun and was so delighted when I stumbled across your range of stamps sold at Purple Onion Designs :0) they now sit at the top of my list of must haves

  2. Lyn! Thank you for creating a smile across my face! I really love, love, love when someone takes the time to write. I know I say this all the time but it really means so much.
    I am wishing you loads of time to create & play but also that you are able to receive more of what is on your "must have" list. :)

  3. Lyn! I just realized that it you ... my wonderful soap maker. I hope all is well with you on your side of the world. It has been so long.... and time has flown!

  4. LOL tis me :) yes time flys when we are busy creating, as is the case for yourself I am sure. All is good downunder and hoping your healthy, well and happy :)

  5. Oh Lyn! I am wishing you happy, healthy and creative days as well. Take Care and always great to hear from you!