July 29, 2013

riding the waves!

riding the waves!

this illustration was inspired by those windy summer days at the lake.
(of course we had no whales)

it was always best shared with my siblings and cousins.
(then again any kind of day at the lake was best shared)

we would ride the waves with our styrofoam float boards
or simply dive into the white caps.
we would even challenge ourselves to see how long we
could swim against the waves.
as always our imaginations took over.

it was just another wonderful way to spend a summer day
and i think this pair in my illustration are doing the same.


i have created many illustrations over the last little while
that i can not wait to share and add to my etsy shop.

so please stay tuned ...



  1. Oh Stacey this illustration is simply gorgeous! I love it :)

  2. thank you so much! such sweet words!