July 17, 2013

staying cool!

we are experiencing a heat wave.

so, i am staying cool inside
with the blinds closed!

 i thought it kind of fitting to
show you my snowmen in progress.
yes, i am working on Christmas in july!
(it is the only way things will be ready for the holiday season.)

i am definitely not wishing summer away,
just the humidity....

these guys just make me smile
and they help me think of
cool and happy thoughts!

i am wishing you all the same!



  1. Adorable! And a great way to try to beat the heat! I do the same thing! I made snowmen last summer on a 110 degree day! LOL!!

  2. thank you Lisa! i love making snowmen and i guess it doesn't matter what time of year when you are enjoying the creative process.

  3. It is a great time of year to be thinking SNOW! Adorable!