August 27, 2013

by chance!

"by chance"

this illustration was inspired by all those wonderful
walks in nature when i was lucky enough to
stumble across a creature. 
just having a moment or two to
really observe them brings a smile to my heart
and my deepest admiration.

i am so grateful for those kind of moments!


  1. I cannot tell you adequately how much your images melt my heart! Each one sweeter and more lovely and gentle than the rest! I have purchased all the stamps you created for Purple Onion Designs and try to bring your images to life on my projects. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent!

  2. Judy!
    i can not tell you how much your beautiful comment has melted my heart! thank you!
    it truly is a pleasure to be able to share my images with the stamping world. i wish you many, many moments of delight while you create and i am so honoured that my images are part of your creative process.

  3. Another precious work of art, Stacey! Your work always touches my heart and makes me smile! Lovelovelove!!!

  4. Shirley! thank you! that is exactly what i want my work to reflect.... a happy heart and loads and loads of smiles!