August 21, 2013

flower parade!

"flower parade"

don't they just look happy to be together
celebrating their day?



  1. Soooooo very adorable!! Thank you, Stacey, for starting my day by putting a smile on my face & warmth in my heart!!!

  2. Cindee! so sweet of you and thank you for returning the smile to my face by your lovely note!

  3. I found you via Purple Onion Designs Stamps. You have some really adorable critters! Puleeeeze make more stamps! I love to work with stamps and need more of your cute characters! We need one of this really cute turtle. *sigh* I can't believe you didn't include him with your original images. He and that cute snail and Timber I think are my favorites! You are a great artist.

  4. thank you lotsastuff for you sweet comments and pleas for more stamps. only time will tell what the next images will be. but I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind.